Ceramics 1DSC07056.JPGFall 2010Coil bowlI took a pice of slab and added about 15 to 20 coils on top of it. I mashed the inside of the coild first then i did the outside so that it never looked like it was coils that made it.DSC07054.JPGWinter 2010Wheel JugThis is a 6-7 inch jug that i had made on the wheel. I made a cylinder and then I choked the top part of the cylinder to create a neck. By me creating a neck I also expanded the mouth area by pulling slowly till I got it at the right size I wanted.DSC07053.JPGFall 2010Wheel CylinderThis was the first time I had ever been on a wheel and this is what i was able to do. I took some clay and made a cupcake and made a hole and just slowly pulled up and out.DSC07052.JPGWinter 2011Wheel bowlI had made this bowl on the first try and I believe that is was perfect and I decided to dip it in blue glaze but then take a cup and pour more of it on to create the design in the middle.DSC07051.JPGWinter 2010Pinch bowlTo make a pinch bowl all you take is about a palm size ball and push your thumbs into the middle till you get your desired width. Once you have gotten that just take the sodes and do the same as what you did to get the middle started.
the side and bottom
Winter 2010Slab bowlAll you need to do is Find a bowl and stick a garbage bag in it. Then take peices of rolled out clay and smooth the peices together. Once the caly is leather hard take it out of the bowl and take off the plastic. Smooth out any cracks or bumps. Once that is done white slip it and get it fired. Once fired paint on any design that you want and then clear glaze it and fire it once more then it is done. 1571333082_927bc19176.jpgWinter 2010HAndmade bowlThis bowl has four little pedistals and is made with slab put into a bowl with plastic in it. When the bowl was hard enough to pick up and smooth it out I had rolled a small coil and had cut it up into four even pieces and fired it. After it was fired i glazed it with the brown then took white and painted the top and let the extra drip down befiore clear galzing it.