Amberlynn's Jewelery Projects
Linked Necklace
Fall 2010

This necklace means a lot to me because it was the first neclace that i have made out of wire. Making this necklace turned ot to be more than hard. Trying to make one perfect "balloon" is easier said than done. Though this was a chalange I found that it only got easier as you went on and that pretty soon you could do it with out looking.

Designed Linked Necklace
Fall 2010

This particular design i made not only because it was different but because it reminded me of my brother always saying that I was tall. Since I was the tall on i thought that iI should make one loop short and the other longer but not by much. Since my brother means so much to me I thought that this sould mean more than just brothers or sisters but yet why not make it more like somone helping a smaller or less fortanet person.

Photo Transfer Necklace
Fall 2010

To choose what to put on my metal piece I had to think of what I missed at that moment and that was my dad. My father was on a trip and wouldn't be back for awhile so I had decied to make something that said father and daghter. This pendant means alot to me bacse my father used to be around at long periods of time but now we spend as much time together as we can.

Linked Necklace with Metal Pendant
Fall 2010

A necklace that says everything that you want to say to someone. I used that same design that I had used for the neclace for my brother and just added his initials and a heart and a letter U meaning "I love you Levi S. E. R." With out saying aword to him i can say everything that I wanted to.

Linked necklace with an arrow head attached
Winter 2011

The arrow head that is attached to the necklace originally had its own string from when i had gotten it in South Dakota in summer of 2007. Since i had wore the necklace so much the strin had broken so it turned into an object so i decided to create a necklace. The neclace consists of 4 short links with two beads then it goes into medium links with three beads then to long links with three beads, with the arrow head in the middle.


Wired Braclet
Spring 2011

I did this project because of an assignment but also because of the way the wire twists it makes it look cool. I chose copper wire because I am not allergic to it but a;lso it brings out the green and blue. I chose these beads due to the fact of it is summer and blue and green make ocean colors.


Hemp necklace
Spring 2011

I made this necklace knowing that it would turn out to be a bracelet. Since I normally don't wear necklace's I knew to make it a little bigger so i could wear it on my wrist. I love the color of the hemp, the color is a metallic maroon. I love the color maroon and and the beads are a light teal and dark brown. I believe that these colors coordinate well that I wear it everyday.