Amberlynn's Textile Projects


Design Book
Fall 2010

My design book is nothing more than just random things put on it and i turned out to be dots. The design turned out really well even though i was just thowing things on it and not really paying much attention to what it was going to turn out like.


Mosaic Piece
Fall 2010

This mosaic peice is around a photo frame that i had gotten for my father that has a picture of the last four generations on it. Staring with my great gandmother Buelow, my grandfaher Buelow, my father Shawn, and me. This picture was taking days before she died so it even means taht much more to me than anything else.


Felt and mosaic peice

Winter 2010
This mosic had my father and my step mother's wedding date. This date has meaning behind it meaning that everything that has happen since then has happened for a reason that no one can ever explain. I love this piece because it has so much feeling behind it.


Beading on a shirt
Winter 2011

This is a shirt that my father had gotten me and had shiny silver paint on it. All that i did was take some black beads that were tri-colored and sewed them on. You can still see the silver paint but now it is mostly covered with the beads and at the angle of me taking the picture you can also see the different colors that the beads make.

Mosaic Wolf
Spring of 2011

I made this mostly because it was a wolf. I chose a wolf because they have been my favorite animal since i was a little girl. My favorite wolf is a black wolf (hint: that's why the wolf is black.) I love wolves, and the saying is an old Indian saying. I am Indian and I love the old saying because most of them are true.


Yarn Bowl
Winter 2011

I made this bowl mainly to hold my change/ money but now its used to hold what ever i place in it at the moment.

Wisconsin Shirt Bag
Spring 2011

I normally get lost when I help my sister drive long distances, so when my grandpa gave me a shirt with the map of Wisconsin i decided to make into a bag.

Rug Pot Holders
Spring 2011

These rugs are made from braided/ torn sheets. I sewed the inner side of each ring to create a circle. These :"rugs" are now used as pot warmers.