Amberlynn's Portfolio

Creating art is new to me. I have never been that artistic. After I started to write my poem, I decided that it would look better with a picture. My poem was about fallen angels and how they never found their way back to their home land. I had decided to draw an angel with her head head down and tears coming down her face. I thought then, that if I could do that then maybe I would be able to something more challenging. Art has changed my personality since last year, I am not so open about things and instead of showing anger or sadness, I write about it. My art makes me feel like I am in a fairytale. I live my life anyone else would except I spend more time on concentrating on reading and writing then on friends and gossip. The art that I may create in the future, I hope is based more on who I really am and not someone trying to do their best.

My work is something that I hope impresses people and amazes them. I could careless if they like it or not because all that matters in the end is that I am proud of it and that I am impressed by what I had made. The work that I have done in the past is something that isn't something remarkable, it's just something plain. When I am doing my art I feel as if I am in another world and no one can take me from there.
Art has said to be many things. To me art means pictures and words. The words tend to fly off the image and the picture comes to life. Images dance and sing no matter the mood they are set to be in. If its a sad picture the song will be slow and you just listen to the soft music and just watch the images move in a soft motion. It feels like they are dancing on air.
I imagine that everything i write about is set in the past. When there were knights and girls dreamed of their price coming to rescue them, but mine takes place where there is only men and its a battle camp but sometimes it feels like a prison. Being the only girl seems like a nightmare to so many but that's what I feel like most of the time. I figured that if I didn't fit in the real world then I would live in my fantasy one at least there everything makes since to me.
My pictures are always set in the forest and the girls are all dressed in dresses even though I would never wear one. The pictures make me feel like everything is okay and that they can only get better from here on. I do not worry about what others think of because everything that they say is like a bitter taste in my mouth and i want nothing of that sort. Art has become a bigger part of my life than I thought and I am glad I have learned about it.